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From: Damon Ellison Ellison
Subject: Exploring AdamWhen my old friend Doug called and asked if I’d be willing to let his
little brother Adam stay with me for a few days, my first thought was how
boring it would be for the kid. “He’s seventeen,” I protested. “I don’t
know how to entertain a seventeen-year-old.”"Don’t worry about it,” Dough reassured me. “He’s a good kid–nothing like
your average teenager, and he’s mature Preteen Model Bbs for his age. Besides, he’ll only be
seventeen for another month.”"That helps?”"Maybe not, but he’s always worshipped you.”"Sure, when he was nine years old.” Doug was a friend of mine from high
school, and we had done our undergrad degrees together. I spent a lot of my
time at his house, and Adam was always around. He’d been like a puppy dog,
sometimes irritating, but a good kid nevertheless. I’d been fond of him.
But I hadn’t seen him in years, and knew too well how good-natured kids
could turn into nightmare teenagers.”Don’t worry,” Doug said again. “He wants to check out the university, but
doesn’t have the money for a hotel. When I suggested he stay with you, he
got totally excited.”"Thanks for asking first,” I said sourly, but knew that I would give in.
Even if I dreaded spending several days with Adam, it was a favor for Doug,
and I’d have felt like a dick for turning him down. So I said yes, and Doug
said, “Great. Can I Preteen Model Bbs tell him you’ll meet him at the bus station.”"Sure. He still look the same? He hasn’t gone goth or emo, has he?”Doug laughed. “No, no. He’s kind of a nerdy jock. Swim team and math club.
Still looks the same, but a lot taller.”Well, that sounded better, I thought. Nerds I could deal with. I was, after
all, doing grad school, which most teenagers would find baffling. So Doug
told me the day and time he’d be arriving, and I wrote it on my calendar.Seeing Preteen Model Bbs as how you probably have an idea of where this story is going,
perhaps I should give you some personal background. At the time of this
story, I was twenty-eight, in the midst of a doctorate at a university in a
small university town. I was pretty good-looking and fit at the time (I’m
still good-looking, just not as fit), and essentially hetero. I had, in
fact, earned something Preteen Model Bbs of an undeserved reputation as a womanizer. But I
had been bi-curious for a number of years. It started with reading gay
erotica, then checking out gay porn, and then finding my way into
bi-curious chat rooms. I wasn’t really interested in the full range of the
gay experience … I was just fascinated with the prospect of sucking
cock. Every so often when I jerked off I’d do something like stick a candle
in my ass. While I liked it, I never really thought seriously about fucking
or getting fucked … I just wanted to suck someone off.I finally got the courage to hook up with a guy I met in a chat room–he
seemed safe, as he was married, and also only seemed interested in trading
blowjobs. No kissing, he said clearly, and nothing beyond sucking. Fine by
me. He came over to my place one afternoon, and we dropped our pants for
each other. I quite liked the experience, enough to try it again with
someone else I met in a chat room. That time was not as good … he had a
much smaller cock, and kind of got pissy with me when I wouldn’t
swallow. Then I hooked up with the first guy again, and managed to savor
the experience somewhat more.It left me with a taste for it, but then I got together with a woman for an
ambivalent six-month relationship, and when I was single again I couldn’t
find my suck buddy in the rooms any more. Oh, well. I suppose a lot of you
reading think I was pretty timid for not just picking someone up at a gay
bar, but the whole thing was still quite new to me, and as I said, I was
really only interested in sucking.Anyway, the whole experience was a year behind me when Adam came to stay
with me that May. I recognized him as Preteen Model Bbs soon as he stepped off the bus. He
was still very much the kid I’d known, but he was tall and slim now, with
an unruly thatch of black hair and a narrow, very handsome face. He was
quite good-looking now, and I caught a number of the co-eds in the station
looking at him appreciatively. He’ll do well at university, I found myself
thinking.He was pleased and excited to see me, and mercifully didn’t display any of
the sullen or disaffected teenage angst I loathed. He was extremely
grateful that I was letting him stay with me, and in fact wouldn’t stop
thanking me from the moment I met him to when we finally arrived at my
apartment in my old, beat-up Civic. I finally had to tell him to stop, that
I was happy to have him, and that we would have a lot of fun while he was
here.”And I’ll get out of your hair whenever you like, so you don’t always have
me around,” I promised.Oddly, that seemed to upset him a little. “But … you do want to hang out,
right?”"Of course. I just mean, let me know if you want to go off on your own.”That seemed to relax him. “OK, cool. But I was really hoping I could spend
some time with you.”"No problem,” I said, and I meant it by then–he was a nice kid, and I was
in a bit of a lull school-wise, so I was looking forward to showing him
around campus.My apartment was a small one-bedroom on the third floor of a house. Once we
were inside, he seemed to get a little nervous and jittery. I showed him
the futon couch, telling him that’s where he would sleep, and offered him a
drink. “You drink beer, I’m guessing?” He nodded, and I handed him a
bottle. I bustled around the living room a bit while he sort of followed me
around, and I kept up a chatter about the university. I turned, and was
startled to find him standing right behind me, uncomfortably close. His
eyes had a look in them that was a little scared, a little forlorn. “Adam?”
I asked, concerned, and suddenly he leaned forward and kissed me.It completely took me by surprise, so much so that I didn’t pull away. The
kiss was urgent but chaste–his lips met mine, hard, but he did not open
his mouth. He pulled away just as suddenly, stepping back, his hands coming
up to his mouth as if in horror at what he had done.”Oh, god,” he said in a choked voice. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t … I mean, I
always wanted, but I didn’t think …” I saw tears starting to threaten in
his eyes, and I put my hands comfortingly on his shoulders. “Hey, hey,” I
said in a soothing voice. My own mind was in a whirl, and I could feel my
heart pounding in my chest. “It’s OK. You … you say that’s something you
… always wanted?”"Yes,” he said miserably. “I’ve always had a huge crush on you. It’s really
how I knew … how I knew I was gay.” He smiled through his
tears. “Sorry. I can go now. I just thought, well, I’d hate myself if I
didn’t at least try.”"Wait.” I could suddenly feel my hands trembling. I leaned forward and
kissed him, pulling him by his shoulders toward me. He was clean-shaven but
I could feel the gentle rasp of his stubble. In the few times I had hooked
up with men, it was always Preteen Model Bbs just about sucking … I never kissed them. It
was different from kissing a woman, and exciting. His shoulders were strong
and corded with an athlete’s muscle. He responded by wrapping his arms
around me and kissing me Preteen Model Bbs back, his mouth opening and his tongue, hungry and
insistent, sliding into mine. He pressed his hips against me and I could
feel his cock, hard in his pants, rubbing against mine. When he finally
broke the kiss, he leaned back, his eyes dancing. “Wow,” he said. “I never
thought I’d get to do that.”"I never knew I wanted to,” I replied breathlessly.”So …” he was suddenly shy again, looking at his feet. “So, you like
guys?”"I don’t know,” I said honestly. “I’ve experimented. I discovered a while
ago that I got turned on by gay porn, and then I started checking out chat
rooms.”"Have you … been with a guy?”"Sort of,” I replied. “Twice I’ve hooked up with other bi-curious guys I
met in chat.”"What did you do?”"Traded blowjobs,” I said, my voice getting a little ragged as I saw him
getting excited.”Tell me about it,” he said, leaning in and kissing me again. When we broke
the kiss he pulled me close and I leaned my head on his shoulder, speaking
into the nape of his neck.”The first one … He came in, here, and we shook hands.” I laughed a
little at the memory, at the absurd formality of it. “Then he pulled down
his shorts and sat down on the couch.”"Just like that?”"Just like that.”"Was he hard?”"No, which surprised me … because I’d been hard since setting up the
meeting.”He shifted his hips against me. “You’re hard now.”"Yeah,” I said thickly, and swallowed. “Anyway, he just sat down, and so I
knelt between his legs. I started by licking his soft cock, tickling it
with my tongue, finally taking the whole thing in my mouth. Slowly, he
started to get hard. I was surprised at how big he got. I alternated
between sucking and licking and stroking, and finally when he was at full
hardness I tried Preteen Model Bbs to deepthroat him … and only gagged, but he seemed to
like that.”"Did he cum in your mouth?”"No. Neither of us wanted that. But I remember, when he got close, his cock
got even larger in my mouth … almost too big.”I paused and said nothing for a few seconds, feeling Adam’s body pressing
against me. “Did you like it?” he asked finally in a hushed voice.”Yes,” I replied.”Do you want to suck me?” he asked.I paused again, not in hesitation but because I didn’t trust my
voice. Finally, I said thickly, “Yes.”He released me and, with a smile, stepped backward from me to the
couch. “This was where you did it that time?”"Yes.”He pulled his tee shirt over his head, revealing his smooth, lithely
muscled torso. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans off, revealing
tight black boxer briefs and the bulge of his hard cock inside them. When
he put his hands on his waistband, I said, “No. Let me.” I stepped forward
and fell to my knees, running a hand over the hardness straining against
the fabric, my palm coming away wet where it brushed a spot of precum
leaking through. Slowly, my breath coming in short gasps and my Preteen Model Bbs hands
trembling, I grasped the waistband of his underwear and pulled them
down. The elastic caught briefly on the head of his cock, and it snapped
back to slap his belly, swaying enticingly in front of my face. It was
almost seven inches long and curved slightly up and to the left. He was
circumcised. The head was large, flaring out a quarter inch from the
shaft. I hadn’t seen anything so beautiful in a long, long time.Looking up at him, I placed my hands on his hips, and ran the tip of my
tongue up the length of his shaft, teasing that soft patch of skin just
beneath the head with a few flicks. His eyes rolled back in his head and he
moaned. He took a staggering step back and collapsed on the couch, splaying
his legs open. I crawled forward and licked his shaft again, pausing at the
top and then sliding my mouth down over him as far Preteen Model Bbs as I could. I could feel
his cock twitch and throb in my mouth as I held it there for a moment
before continuing to slide him in and out of my mouth. He started to squirm
in his seat, placing his hands on the back of my head and muttering,
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yes. Preteen Model Bbs Holy fuck.”I slid my mouth off him, to take a breath, but continued stroking him with
my hand. Between my spit and his copious precum, he was well lubed, and I
could slide my hand up over the head and back without friction. I was about
to suck him again, running my thumb over his glans and leaning forward when
he suddenly tensed and said, “Oh shit oh shit sorry sorry” and his cock
exploded, cum spraying out in three big spurts and catching me in the face.He looked down at me, mortified, but I laughed. “I’m sorry,” he said
miserably, “I should have warned you better.”"No worries,” I said. “I remember what it was like to be seventeen.” To
make him more comfortable, I wiped a glob of his juice from my cheek and
slowly, deliberately sucked it off my finger.It was the first time I had ever tasted cum other than my own, and I was
surprised at how much I liked it. It was salty and slightly fishy, but it
tasted of lust and desire. “Give me some of that,” said Adam throatily,
leaning forward and licking some of himself off my cheek. He pushed me
backward on the floor, licking and sucking his cum off my Preteen Model Bbs
face, then
kissing me urgently. As he did, he scrabbled at my shirt, lifting it over
my head, and then at my belt. In his haste, he fumbled, unable to get it
open. Finally I reached down and undid it myself, while he crouched over my
pelvis, muttering, “Hurry. Hurry. I want it. Now.” When my belt was off and
my jeans open, he literally dove down, yanking my jeans an underwear away
and swallowing my cock like a starving man.I was so turned on by this point, and Adam sucked me with such abandon,
that it was hard to hold out any longer than he had. He made it harder–in
both senses of the term–by moaning with such obvious pleasure as he sucked
me. When he lacked in technique (not that I’m one to talk), he made up for
in enthusiasm. His mouth was hot and wet and utterly insistent, and it
wasn’t long before I was gasping, “Fuck. I’m cumming.” He chuckled around
my cock when I said that, and moaned even more deeply as I shot into his
mouth. He milked my cock with his mouth until he had taken every drop, and
then stretched himself out on top of me, kissing me. I could taste our
mingled cum on his tongue.”Was that as good as that other guy?” he whispered.”Oh, god,” I moaned. “So much better. I didn’t know it could be that good.”"Me neither,” he said. And then shyly added, “You’re my first.”That surprised me. “Seriously?”"Yeah. I’ve jerked off with friends before, but never sucked anyone.” He
hesitated for a minute. “You’re not going to get weird now, are you?”I answer, I reached down and grabbed his cock, which was already hard
again. “Mmm,” I said. “Here’s the advantage of being seventeen.” I kissed
him, amazed at how electric it felt to have his tongue in my mouth. “You
know, I always regretted not doing more with that guy. You don’t want to go
up to campus any time soon, do you?”TO BE CONTINUED …******Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it, please let me know at

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